Maybe the best anus-related quote ever

Am working on the book. Was given this quote by someone. A rare treasure of words:

“He had a gluteus that I’ve never seen on another person in my life. His ass was chiseled. It was the most unique thing I’ve ever seen on another person in my life. And if you walked into the locker room it was like, ‘How can a guy have an ass like that?’ The curviture and the depth and the definitoon of it.”

4 thoughts on “Maybe the best anus-related quote ever”

  1. You do know the difference between an ass and an anus though, right? Seems like the very sexy quote you shared was about the former more than the latter.

  2. Most definitely not anus-related… very different connotation. If I said a girl had a nice ass, someone might nod in agreement. If I said the same girl had a nice anus, everyone would back away slowly

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