Today’s column …

… is on Shawne Merriman having to go from lovely, warm San Diego to, dear God, Buffalo …

Why the topic? I haven’t followed Merriman’s career closely, and am still sort of confused why the Chargers dumped him. Whatever the case, I was fascinated by a guy having to go from such a lovely city to such a, eh, industrial one. I actually like Buffalo, and the wife and I have close friends who live there (and swear by it). But, well, it’s no San Diego.

I started Googling “played for San Diego and Buffalo” and “former Bill and Charger” and stuff like that. Came up with a couple of names. Only got a callback from Mathison, who I actually remember playing for the Bills. Turns out he’s a very nice guy and a very good quote.

This is certainly not my best column, but I do take pleasure in starting the day with an unscripted idea and ending it with a column.