Today’s column …

… is on Shawne Merriman having to go from lovely, warm San Diego to, dear God, Buffalo …

Why the topic? I haven’t followed Merriman’s career closely, and am still sort of confused why the Chargers dumped him. Whatever the case, I was fascinated by a guy having to go from such a lovely city to such a, eh, industrial one. I actually like Buffalo, and the wife and I have close friends who live there (and swear by it). But, well, it’s no San Diego.

I started Googling “played for San Diego and Buffalo” and “former Bill and Charger” and stuff like that. Came up with a couple of names. Only got a callback from Mathison, who I actually remember playing for the Bills. Turns out he’s a very nice guy and a very good quote.

This is certainly not my best column, but I do take pleasure in starting the day with an unscripted idea and ending it with a column.

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  1. Definitely not your best column, Jeff. As you mentioned, your friends swear by Buffalo, as do most Buffaloians in Buffalo and transplanted across the US. It is definitely not San Diego, and it has its downsides, but an article like this does nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that Buffalo is a cold wasteland with no value other than ‘wings.’

    Would you have written this article if Mr. Merriman ended up in Green Bay?

  2. Really, Jeff? I expect the it-snows-in-Buffalo meme from a local columnist fresh out of ideas for an advance on a game there, not from you. C’mon now. As a friend recently tweeted on a different subject, “Candy:baby. Fish:barrel.”

    Yes, it snows in Buffalo
    … and yet people actually live there, for more reasons than chicken wings or Niagara Falls. Ask Tim Graham about it the next time your paths cross. He could’ve stayed in Miami or moved to NYC or Boston for his ESPN gig, but he chose to go back to Buffalo even though he’s not a WNY native. Same goes for a bevy of retired Bills and Sabres players who, unlike Mathison, decided to stick around long after they were “free to move around the country.”

    Then again, the Bills thought so much of Mathison’s short stint as the starter that they tried to resurrect Art Schlichter’s career the following offseason, well before that Kelly guy became available.

    Merriman, who’s already played in Orchard Park in December, will “see” two things over the next couple of months: fans desperate for a shred of hope will forgive his transgressions and chant his name at the Ralph, and Buffalo’s average high temperature during the winter, while certainly no SoCal, is about 30 degrees warmer than Yellowknife.

    (Disclaimer: I have never resided anywhere in New York.)

  3. Thanks for reminding my why I never read SI. Did they really publish this lazy trash? Keep googling you might find out some more to write about.

    Buffalo is quite a pretty city too by the way. You should try it some day.

  4. This article is nothing more than a bunch of verbal diarrhea. No wonder the only call back a hack like yourself got was from a never was QB like Mathison.

  5. “This is certainly not my best column”

    Well at least you realize it. This certainly isn’t the Bills’ best year, yet you still feel the need to justify the column based on the 0-7 record.

    I hope you catch a very severe cold in the next few days.

  6. ….Green Bay is gonna end up in the playoffs. Buffalo is 0-7.

    So let me get this straight. If Buffalo were going to make the playoffs, you wouldn’t have bashed the city. You’re a joke, and its even worse you wont admit you were wrong.

  7. Seriously?
    Jim Kelly had the same false impressions of Buffalo when he was drafted. Maybe you should call him and ask him about this great city.

    Cold, snow, wings… is that the best you could do?

  8. What Lori said. Plus you could compare Mathison to another QB that moved from SD to BUF: Jack Kemp.

    Kemp’s resume includes two AFL Championships (both over the Chargers), 9-term member of the US House of Representatives, HUD Secretary (“Known as a bleeding-heart conservative), & Vice-Presidential candidate.

    Bruce Mathison: Crossed picket line for Seattle during ’87 strike (replaced by Jeff Kemp in 3rd game), insurance salesman in Phoenix.

    The cold of Buffalo, can kill a (lesser) man.

  9. weak.

    threadbare weather jokes freshly recycled from the Carter era, i am totally wowed! talk about phoned in.

    how much time did this take to research on wikipedia?

  10. Dude, I can’t believe SI prints articles containing quotes by Bruce Mathison. I am not a writer by any means, but this column definitely can’t make you look good to your superiors at SI. There has to be a writer underneath you that can do better than this. The funniest part about the article was the “story highlights” portion on the webpage. “Buffalo is cold” “how will merriman handle it”. That’s Pulitzer shit there bro!

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