The book on the shelf

Here at my local Starbucks they have a pair of bookshelves in a corner of the store. One of the shelves actually comes straight out of our waterlogged basement. We donated it—good store, nice people, needed a shelf.

Anyhow, the wife and I placed a lot of books on one of the shelves. Mostly childhood texts my kids have outgrown. As an experiment, I took one of my extra copies of The Rocket That Fell to Earth and plunked it down on the top shelf. This was about a week ago … was curious how long it would last.

It’s still there.

My personal over/under is two months. On the plus side, we’re in Yankee territory, and the book is crisp and brand new, and the cover design is terrific. On the negative side, I wrote it, it sold about 13 copies and nobody cares about Roger Clemens.

I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “The book on the shelf”

  1. How about I fly up there and sip some latte while I read it? Again. As a bonus, I can loudly comment about what a fabulous tome it is and how amazing the writer is. And, I still need you to sign all your books for me. Perfect excuse for a trip! ; ‘ )

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