Please Vote: The Worst NFL Players You’ve Ever Seen

I wanna know who the five worst NFL players you’ve ever seen are. Genuinely curious.


1. Alex Van Dyke.

2. Browning Nagle.

3. Lam Jones.

4. Johnny Mitchell.

5. Good ol’ Vernon G.

Yes, all Jets.


13 thoughts on “Please Vote: The Worst NFL Players You’ve Ever Seen”

  1. JaMarcus Russell, QB Raiders

    Aundray Bruce, LB Falcons, Raiders

    Eric Curry, DE Bucs

    Quincy Carter, QB Cowboys

    Ted Gregory, NT Broncos, Saints

  2. – Joe McKnight.
    – Todd Collins (see Bears game earlier this season).
    – Jimmy Clausen (NFL version of movie “Lucas” with unhappy ending)
    – The LT on San Diego last season. Dude was slow, weak, consistently went to the ground after 2 yards.
    – Lovie Smith. Unparalleled ability to make terrible coaching decisions.

  3. Limas Sweed, WR Steelers

    Carey Davis, FB Steelers

    JaMarcus Russell, QB Raiders

    Craig Whelihan, QB Chargers

    Elvis Patterson, CB, Giants

  4. 1. Chris Watson kick/punt non catcher (Bills)
    2. JaMarcus Russell QB (Raiders)
    3. Aaron Maybin taker of space (Bills)
    4. Erik Flowers non-rushing pass rusher (Bills)
    5. JP Losman QB with pocket pressence of lint (Bills)

  5. BTW Jeff, I’m orignally from Buffalo, so I get a pass on trashing Bills players, but don’t you dare try it, or we’ll eff-bomb you back to the dark ages! 🙂

  6. Any list has to include CC Brown – current safety for the Lions/formerly of the Giants and Texans. When you are a safety and you are commonly referred to as Can’t Cover by your respective fan base that’s not a good sign.

  7. In no particular order…

    1. JaMarcus Russell. Unfortunately, all those Raiders blackouts the last couple years don’t apply to where I live.

    2. Owen Pochman. A friend of mine once predicted “Pooch-Pooch” would send a kickoff out of bounds. Five seconds later, Pochman obliged us. Worst kicker ever.

    3. Ken Dorsey. Proof that the Heisman Trophy is the most useless indicator of success in the universe.

    4. Kwame Harris. Ugh.

    5. Chris Weinke. I have vague memories of how bad he was when the 49ers beat the Panthers twice in 2001.

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