My superpower

Was talking to my mom this morning.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, Jeff. Are you wearing flip-flops?”

“I am.”

I have a superpower. I can’t fly, I can’t shoot webs, I can’t throw a building into space. But my feet don’t get cold. Ever. I wear my flip-flops throughout winter, whether it’s 80 degrees or -10. Unless I’m exercising, I actually hate wearing sneakers or shoes. Too confining for my tastes. I love the freedom of dangling toes; to my heel gently scraping the ground when I take a step down. It’s openness. It’s liberation.

By day I am Jeff Pearlman, hack writer.

By night, I am FootMan!

3 thoughts on “My superpower”

  1. I have never found flip-flops comfortable. Teva’s ya where them often. Flip-flops, uncomfortable.
    They could be the reason for foot problems.

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