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Writer’s block

I’ve got it—bad. Started today at Panera, but the screaming kids and 95-degree heat killed me. Plus, I’m peeing like there’s no tomorrow, leading to a bathroom escape every 20 seconds. That, of course, is part of the mental anguish of The Block. Can’t focus on the task at hand, so focus everywhere else.

In short: My book is due at the end of December. I have about 30,000 words to go, although Peter Richmond wisely advised me to ignore word count and just write. I took a week off from writing to go over my completed material, and that sorta killed my flow. Am trying to get it back. Ain’t happening.

Hardly helps that this f-ing loudmouth (see above video) thinks nothing of screaming into his phone here at the B&N cafe (I moved here to find some inspiration in books. Not working). Who are these people with such little self-awareness that they don’t get the rudeness of their loudness? Staggering …