Writer’s block

I’ve got it—bad. Started today at Panera, but the screaming kids and 95-degree heat killed me. Plus, I’m peeing like there’s no tomorrow, leading to a bathroom escape every 20 seconds. That, of course, is part of the mental anguish of The Block. Can’t focus on the task at hand, so focus everywhere else.

In short: My book is due at the end of December. I have about 30,000 words to go, although Peter Richmond wisely advised me to ignore word count and just write. I took a week off from writing to go over my completed material, and that sorta killed my flow. Am trying to get it back. Ain’t happening.

Hardly helps that this f-ing loudmouth (see above video) thinks nothing of screaming into his phone here at the B&N cafe (I moved here to find some inspiration in books. Not working). Who are these people with such little self-awareness that they don’t get the rudeness of their loudness? Staggering …

5 thoughts on “Writer’s block”

  1. Again, you’re putting someone online in a public forum. I don’t think that’s okay. What are you, a papparazzi for the average citizen?

  2. DG: Don’t you know the law of douchebaggery? When you’re an obnoxious twat, you forfeit your right to privacy. So sayeth the Lord thy God. (It’s in the Bible… somewhere towards the back.)

  3. Have you tried heading down to your local library, Jeff? I worked in large bookstores for years and I can tell you that the cafe area is filled with yapping morons like this guy who basically camp out there.

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