Hail to the Chief (Wacko)

Sarah Palin has officially announced that she’s officially thinking of officially thinking of running for president.

But first she has to pray.

I have my own prayer: Dear God, let Sarah Palin run for president, and let the media eat at her bullshit like sharks after a steak. Let Sarah Palin be exposed as the fraud that she is. Let the world see how he blatantly makes things up. Help her to explain how, after quitting her job as governor to make big money ton TV, she is now qualified to be president. Dear God almighty, please help Sarah Palin by showing her the newspapers, and teaching her how to read them. Explain to her that she killed her party’s chances of taking over the Senate, and that only about 12 percent of America shares most of her views.

Then, dearest of dear Gods, when all this is done—please roll her in sausage and feed her to the New York City subway rats.


6 thoughts on “Hail to the Chief (Wacko)”

  1. I think, at this point, Sarah Palin is the only person that can save our country.

    Once we ALL realize what an idiot she really is we might come to the conclusion that memorizing every step of Dancing with the Stars or knowing everything that happens with the Kardashians isn’t as important as researching and understanding the issues we face as a nation.

    Once she bring complete failure to the office of the presidency, we might begin to stop relying on headlines and soundbites for our news and actually pay more attention.

    On second thought, we did elect Bush II and still think Republicans are the answer.

  2. To me, the fact that she inspires such violent and hateful vitriol from people with your views says that she would have a pretty decent chance to win.

  3. I’m a conservative Republican who is in agreement with Palin on, probably, 100% of the issues. But, I don’t want her to be the Republican nominee because I don’t want another unqualified POTUS.

    That being said, I think you need to get over your Palin Derangement Syndrome.

  4. I worry that the media will actually prop her up for the very simple reason that she sells newspapers/magazines/tv ads/etc. Sarah Palin is good for business – the media business. I am an Obama supporter, but I fully appreciate that he got better media treatment than Hillary because he was a new face who could sell magazines better. And no one is better at that than Sarah Palin.

  5. I agree with Steve H. Only a complete an utter disaster of a president (even worse than W) can wake up America. MAYBE then people will stop obsessing over folksy-small town anti-intellectualism and realize someone with brains should actually be president. We’ll all miss Obama dearly when he’s gone.

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