My agent

My literary agent is named David Black, and he’s fantastic. Truly fantastic. Fights for his clients, helps generate ideas. Very honest, extremely sharp. And he’s a Jets fan, too.

When I first got into the book biz, I was represented by a very nice woman who dumped me like old pudding. We met for lunch one day, and I handed her the first chapter of what would eventually become The Bad Guys Won! She said, “Great! I’ll read it and get back to you with comments in a few days.”

That was the last time we spoke.

Literally, we have not exchanged another word. She left the business to get into magazines, and never even called me to say so.

Then, someone suggested Black. And, again, he’s been amazing.

I bring this up for no real reason, save for that David was profiled in today’s New York Times. He works in a business with many Ari Gold types—fast talking, half-efforted, etc. But he’s great.

That’s all.

PS: Just back from my journalism class. Handed out final assignments today. I have 13 students, and we had a draft of the 13 people they could profile. Here are some of their choices:

Brian Johnson, former MLB catcher/current Giants scout.

Melanie Miller, world-class dog trainer.

Ed Hearn, former ’86 Mets catcher.

Donna Massaro, owner, The Freight House Cafe.

Jonathan Mahler, author.

Dave Coverly, cartoonist.

Seth Davis, SI/CBS.

MC White Owl, Bad Ronald.

Trevor Engelson, movie producer.

A.J. Daulerio, editor, Deadspin.

Noam Bramson, mayor, New Rochelle, N.Y.

Bev Oden, Olympic volleyball player.