Collins, Melvin, Hurdle

According to the New York Post, the Mets are down the three finalists for their managerial gig.

Terry Collins.

Bob Melvin.

Clint Hurdle.

Having covered Collins a bit, he’s probably the best of the bunch. Hurdle is not a good strategic manager, but he’s a great clubhouse guy. Melvin is, well, yawn. He’s every other mediocre skipper who has ever led a team. The Post predicts Collins will get the gig, and I’m sorta OK with this.


Some website mocked me for backing Wally Backman, but I truly believe I’m right on this. Spoke with an ex-Met teammate of Wally’s the other day, and he thinks New York would be crazy to hire him; that at some point he’d inevitably explode and humiliate the organization. That’s obviously a risk, given his past. But Backman can flat out manage. He gets the best of players, and wouldn’t tolerate some of the lazy bullshit the Mets have put on the field the past few years.

Oh, well.