The Bad Guys Won!—updated

So I’m pretty psyched. Reached an agreement with Harper yesterday to release an updated version of The Bad Guys Won! to mark next year’s 25th anniversary of the ’86 Mets.

There will be a brand new chapter with some really good stuff, new cover, probably new photos.

From a marketing standpoint I like the idea, because it brings new life to a book that continues to sell at a pretty strong clip. From a personal standpoint I like the idea, because I’ve always thought it needed one more chapter. I really do. I’ve always envisioned the right way to end the book. Now I have that chance.

Anyhoo, not much else. Sitting in the White Plains Atlanta Bread Co., sipping a half-Diet Pepsi/half-Dr. Pepper. It’s a little flat.

But so am I.

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