How not to treat someone, by Lou Holtz

A guest video post (courtesy of Deadspin).

What a dick. Oh, my—five minutes! You’ve been standing there for five minutes! The outrage. Congratulations of making some 25-year-old video intern cry.

10 thoughts on “How not to treat someone, by Lou Holtz”

  1. Not standing up for this approach necessarily, but this is just who he is, and it’s not a secret. Nor does he keep it a secret. If you read Holtz’s autobiography, he proudly explains that if someone brings him soup that’s too cold at a restaurant, he will not hesitate to dress the waitress up and down over it.

    He sees it as trying to bring the best out of people and setting high expectations.

  2. I expected worse. That really wasn’t terrible. Yeah, the guy was a huge, spoiled dick but that’s probably not worse than what many others would have said. I’m more curious as to who let the video out. If it was that girl, she should be fired.

  3. While I agree that Holtz behaved immaturely and rudely, I think most of us wouldn’t want our lives to be judged on our worst behaved moments. As for the intern, I have little sympathy – she has to learn to deal with people who are acting like petty jerks.

  4. Cameron – Problem is that Holtz wouldn’t see it as his “worst behaved moment.”

    This is who he is. And he’s proud of it. He thinks he did the girl a favor.

  5. What an insufferable, irrelevant old fool. If only he could analyze football on television as coherently as he berates this intern.

  6. I have a hard time getting riled up about Lou here. I don’t really have an opinion of him at all, so my opinion of him didn’t change. The woman probably was being blamed for something that was beyond her control, but such is the life of an intern. To her credit, she handled it well, acting deferentially to him and letting him vent. She secured the interview, which I imagine was her goal. I was surprised to hear her cry after the fact about something that wasn’t too big a deal. Perhaps this generation of young professionals is too used to being coddled.

  7. If this intern really wants to work in sports journalism, she’d better get used to spoiled douchebags treating her like crap.

  8. Lou Holtz brings my friends and I great joy and unintentional comedy whenever we hear his heavy lisp talk about shit on TV. We love that ridiculous man and imitating him too.

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