Feed the wealthy

So it’s looking more and more like Barack Obama is going to cave and extend Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.

Which means I’m officially done with Barack Obama.

This is not the man I elected, and if Democrats across this country are honest with themselves, they’ll mostly agree. To say the president has been an enormous disappointment would be a drastic understatement. He is Tony Mandarich and Sam Bowie rolled into one.

And, yes, I know—he’s 100 times better than George W. Bush. I agree. But so what? I wasn’t looking for someone to merely improve upon the worst president in American history. I wanted a leader. A statesman. Greatness. Somebody unafraid to get things done, political fear be damned. I wanted the guy who campaigned on hope and optimism; who looked ready to take on the Republicans and all their bullshit ideology.

What’d I get? A typical Democratic wuss.

One more thing: Take no joy in this, Republicans. Any I-told-you-so is not only unappreciated, but bogus. From Day One, your party has given its all to making certain a president—your president—fails. Your party has undermined his every move; has failed to support him even on efforts you agree with. The goal has been to bring him down, and it has pretty much worked. You’re the guy who says “This airplane is doomed to crash,” then lights the wing on fire. No good has come out of Republicanism in recent years. No good at all.

Obama has been brought down. And he’s too much a coward to fight back.

It sickens me.

I honestly wish I’d listened to the wife and supported Hillary. Perhaps she wouldn’t have been the greatest president of all time. But at least the woman doesn’t cower from a brawl.