The Hypocrisy of Mahopac

So I received a Facebook message today from a group called “Save Mahopac!” The above video was attached.

It seems the residents of my former hometown are very nervous about developers moving in and tearing down the trees and bushes and nature of a truly beautiful piece of New York. Or, to quote the message, “The Carmel/Mahopac area is becoming extremely overdeveloped, we need to invest our money wisely and consider the consequences of our actions!!” They’re even holding a November 17 meeting at Carmel Town Hall to discuss “Paul Camarada’s Union Place development project”—which the group is definitely not in favor of.

Ah, friggin’ irony. I actually agree with these folks—Mahopac and Carmel are gorgeous, and to start laying down Best Buys and Walmarts and the such would be a shame. And yet, about 80 percent of Mahopac and Carmel residents vote Republican, and staunchly so. They want government out of our lives. They believe in personal responsibility. They crave less regulation. For the people, by the people …

Except, ahem, when it doesn’t suit them. When a large company wants to take over, oh, Gary, Indiana or San Franciso or Tampa or anywhere but Mahopac/Carmel, it’s fine and dandy. But now that someone seeks to legally build on their turf, they cry for intervention. Ludicrous. Sad. Pathetic.

Again, I want Mahopac to stay Mahopac. I want someone to step in and stop this sort of construction.

But at least I’m consistent.

5 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Mahopac”

  1. Jeff, that’s the irony of the whole thing–most people I know that believe themselves to be conservative are very liberal in their thinking.

    They just don’t know the difference.

  2. Pearlman, you should write a piece called “Why I am an Elitist Liberal.” Detail why YOU have all of the answers and that everything wrong in the world is because stupid white people vote Republican. Putnam is very Republican because they don’t want the FEDERAL Government out of their lives. This is a local issue and regardless if they voted for John McCain or Carl Paladino neither the State or Federal government can do anything to stop this project or allow it.
    But then again, you turn this into a partisan issue, like you do about everything, to say that the reason behind this is that white people, who are too stupid to leave the town that you grew up in, brought this upon themselves because they voted Republican in NATIONAL elections.

  3. Why don’t you send me an email and find out. Better yet, why don’t you respond to what I challenged you about. What difference does it make if people vote Republican in NATIONAL elections when this is CLEARLY a local issue???? I guess people like you imagine this great Utopian Society would flourish if EVERYONE voted Democrat.

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