Guns ‘n’ Roses

So Guns ‘n’ Roses announced that they’re working on a new album.

In a word, big.

In a second word, shit.

Like most folk of my era, I love Appetite for Destruction. I mean, it’s an amazing album from top to bottom, and Axl Rose probably deserves 85 percent of the credit. It’s his baby, and the entire disc radiates his past brilliance.

In 2010, however. G’n’R isn’t G’n’R. It’s Axl and a bunch of stand-ins. And, truth be told, were it Axl and the original members, most people still wouldn’t care. Because like all groups, time makes a particular sound seem exteremly stale. Back in the day Axl’s voice was fresh and uncanny. He was a remarkable performer, and we probably haven’t seen anyone quite that distinctive since.

But it’s over now. Nobody cares.


4 thoughts on “Guns ‘n’ Roses”

  1. Jeff, here in Japan Bon Jovi recently sold out the Budokan with tickets starting at US$ 90..this is truly Spinal Tap heaven here. G-n-R would easily sell out the Tokyo Dome.

  2. I think everyone would agree, live show, GNR would sell out as would many bands. New material, Jeff is saying IMO would likely be lame.

  3. I just don’t see why he doesn’t suck it up and invite Slash back in the band, tour, and make a ton of money. The Axl and Slash Guns & Roses lineup would sell out any hockey arena in America, even if the tickets were as overpriced as they inevitibly would be. I would totally hang out with somebody that I couldn’t stand for two hours a night for that kind of dough…..

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