Today’s Deadspin Column: Part II

So here’s the Top 50 of my Worst NFL Players of All-Time List.

To end any suspense, No. 1 is the immortal Rusty Lisch, quarterback of the Gods.

Why Lisch? He’s the only quarterback I’ve ever heard of who was pulled from a game in favor of a running back. That’s pretty damn bad. Plus, the only touchdown pass of his career went a yard. In a blowout.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Deadspin Column: Part II”

  1. Geez, one Blue Hen and one of Delaware’s finest HS players in the top 50?…Wonderful. I always though Orien Harris was better than his brother anyway.

  2. I loved the list; however, I think that no one who has lived through what Siran Stacy has gone through should ever be on the list of worst anything. That man has survived your worst nightmare.

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