Today’s Deadspin column …

… yes—Deadspin column. Having watched the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of All-Time series, I put together my own list.

The Worst 100 Players of All-Time.

Truly fun. Lemme know what you think …

6 thoughts on “Today’s Deadspin column …”

  1. Wow. Terrific column. Remember a lot of these schlubs. Too few Falcons. Harmon Wages, Scott Hunter, June Jones, Wes Chesson, Joe Profit.

  2. It was amusing but, as a lifelong Patriots fan…Otis Smith? Really?

    Otis Smith was no Ty Law, sure, but he’s not even the worst defensive back the Patriots have employed in the past 15 years. Tebucky Jones was way worse. Chris Canty was way worse.

  3. #15 _ Jeff Komlo is quite a character, a family friend of your old collegue at UD, M. Regan, Komlo was accused of faking his own death to escape an arson and drug charge.

  4. OK, lets see, two young kids, working on a book, blog entries several time a day plus replying to annoying commenters, weekly SI column. When exactly did you find the time to compile this list? Was this just floating around in your head or did you already have this ready? I have two kids the same age as yours, chumming the waters at takes up much of my spare time. How in gods name do you do it.

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