Why I don’t take my kids to NFL games

This video first surfaced on Deadspin. It’s from the Cowboys-Giants game a few days ago.

Look at these idots. I mean … seriously. You’re all in your 30s and 40s, wearing football jerseys (You’re not Lawrence Taylor, dude. You’re not), missing out on the wife and kids to pay $200 a ticket, get drunk and fight one another? How pathetic.

4 thoughts on “Why I don’t take my kids to NFL games”

  1. If people put sports in proper perspective, it might have been harder to find a publisher for books about the 86 Mets, Bonds, Clemens and the early-90’s Cowboys.

  2. NFL crowds are kind of sad imo. Mostly blue collar guys who are spending way too much of their income (tailgating, tickets etc) on this foolishness. No place for a father to take his kids.

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