Two regrets

Final thought of my 100 Worst NFL Players of All-Time list.

There are two players I wish I could take back.

The first is Tim Couch (No. 74), the former Cleveland quarterback who was selected first in the 1999 Draft. Couch was not an especially good NFL quarterback, but he wasn’t completely dreadful. His career numbers are mediocre, but he was surrounded by utter trash for most—if not all—of his career. I lazily grouped him with Akili Smith, and I shouldn’t have. Smith was a much, much, much, much, much, much, much worse player. Much worse.

The second is the one I regret the most—Eagles running back Siran Stacy, No. 72 on the list. Stacy was, indeed, a bust. He was Philly’s second-round pick in 1992, and only played in one game before being released. Was he a bad NFL player? Sure. Did he, technically, belong? OK. But what I didn’t know about Stacy was that, three years ago, his car was hit by a drunk driver. His wife died. Four of his children died.

I can’t imagine the pain Siran Stacy has had to endure. Judging from his marvelous website, it seems he’s found a path to meaning. But the list, come day’s end, is my opinion; a relatively tongue-in-cheek roasting of bad players. Had I known then what I know now, he doesn’t make it. No way.

10 thoughts on “Two regrets”

  1. Talk about your “ooops”…hard to know everything about everyone. Kind of karmic though, these “negative lists” are often a bad idea.

  2. I am sure he isn’t the only one on your list that has been up against the ropes. Glad you let us know that he is still focused in turning a negative into a positive. Nice list overall.

  3. And yet another thing that I admire SO much about you …

    When you feel in retrospect that you may have screwed up, you not only have the heart and soul to really feel terrible about it, but you are always quick to publicly give a mea culpa instead of just hoping that it slides to page 7 of the Google search (the techno-equivalent of the olden day attitude if saying “oh well, tomorrow it will be lining a birdcage so who cares.”

    Remind me to send you the creepiest and freakiest e-mail I’VE gotten in recent memory. Enough so that I saved it just in case. Eeeeek.

    Any chance you’ll be at winter meetings?

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