Oh, boy.

New movie coming out on Thursday. It’s called Burlesque, and it stars Christina Aguilera and Cher.

I’m predicting the bomb of the year.

This is just a guess, but when whatever studio signed Aguilera to star in her first motion picture, I’m guessing they weren’t thinking she’d be coming off of a massive bomb of an album, which did so incredibly poorly that she canceled the ensuing world tour. This is not actually a criticism of the studio—were I a betting man six months ago, I would have put big bucks on Aguilera once again selling tons of copies and being all over the place.

Instead, she’s looking increasingly like Tiffany—going, going …

Perhaps a 64-year-old Cher saves this thing. Perhaps it’s engrossing and riveting and wins a handful of Oscars.

I’m thinking no.

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