The Cosi Couch: II

People can make a difference, even if it’s a relatively meaningless one.

Yesterday morning I wrote a blog post about the crack den couch here at Cosi. Then I sent a link to the post to Cosi’s customer service department.

Today I’m walking into Cosi and I see the manager talking outside the store on his cell. The words, “Deliver it this weekend” come from his mouth. I walk in, sit down. He comes up and says, “Well, you got us a new couch.”


“Yeah, that crack den couch line did it for us.”


Here’s the thing—why does it take some guy with a blog to get Cosi a couch? The employees have complained, the manager has complained. Nothing. I write in a note, say I have 5,000 readers, and—bam!—couch. Weird.