Black and white and Vince Young all over …

Wouldn’t say this is shocking or controversial or anything, but am I the only person noticing something of a racial divide in the nation’s reaction to Vince Young’s recent behavior.

On the NFL Network, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders were 100 percent in Young’s corner, while Steve Mariucci seemed to only support Jeff Fisher, the Titans’ coach. In the media, the mostly white columnist of America have slayed Young left and right. Meanwhile my good friend Jemele Hill, columnist and all-around excellent human being, used a recent piece to note that Young (as well as Oakland’s Jason Campbell and Washington’s Donovan McNabb) might be the victims of racism. (The best Young-related piece was written by Jason Whitlock, who makes the case that Young’s half-assed approach is to blame).

What do I think?

I think Vince Young is an idiot—an idiot who has been a pretty mediocre NFL quarterback. Based upon one fantastic game against USC, Young was annointed Quarterback of the Future, even though he was an erratic thrower with a so-so approach to work. Then he arrived in Tennessee and, well, meh. Just a middle-of-the-pack player with otherworldly gifts and nary a clue how to use them. Has Fisher been wrong not to approach Young more directly? Probably. But this guy is supposed to lead an NFL team, not spend two hours per day in the play gym while mommy shops. You work hard. You study. You dedicate yourself to winning. Period.

Maybe I should be a wee-bit less harsh, but when it came out today that Young texted Fisher an apology, eh, that was it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over for Vince Young. He’s a baby, not a man.

Just a baby.

7 thoughts on “Black and white and Vince Young all over …”

  1. Even if the coach doesn’t support you, you go out and WORK to prove the coach wrong.
    When I first heard about this I thought, what a great opportunity for Ryan Leaf to call Young and tell him, “quit trying to be me.”

  2. Jeff, I agree with everything that you said about Vince and disagree with everything you said about Hill. She’s a talentless victim who can only write about one subject, play one card. If race isn’t involved, she doesn’t have a voice.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff! I couldn’t agree with you more. The notion that this is a race-fueled debate is utterly absurd. Wasn’t it Steve McNair that Fisher put his support and trust in for all those years? Some QBs have what it takes to be in the NFL. Unfortunately, Vince Young isn’t one of those guys. Its a fact, what else can we say? If he put up Michael Vick or Philip Rivers-esque numbers he wouldn’t be in the dilemma he is in now.

  4. John is right. Jemele Hill sees race issues where there aren’t any because that is her bread and butter as a writer. I’ve always been a Vince Young fan but his behavior is inexcusable. He needs to mature and take ownership of his actions. He can still be an excellent NFL quarterback – he has the talent but not the maturity. And his skin color doesn’t matter in the least.

  5. Right Steve, Vince was benched becuase he couldn’t lead a fat kid to a piece of cake. Jason Campbell was benched becuase he sucks. I guess it was racist of Washington to trade him when they acquired a better, white quarterback. oops…a black QB who isn’t very good either anymore.

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