Respect for T.O.

Throughout most of his career, I’ve loathed Terrell Owens. Arrogant, dismissive, throws his quarterbacks under the bus. Truly dislike the man and everything he stands for as a me-first football player.

That said, the guy’s put together one helluva season.

People talk about Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson, etc. But, if you put it all together, no one has been better this season than the Bengals’ Owens, who turns 37 in two weeks. His numbers are terrific: Entering tonight, T.O. had 62 catches for 897 yards and eight touchdowns. He blocks. He runs great routes. He hasn’t complained, even as his quarterback—the once-incredible Carson Palmer—has turned into David Klingler. I mean, is anyone else watching Palmer tonight vs. the Jets? He’s brutally bad, and even when he’s good he’s bad. Owens, however, has been phenomenal.

Do I suddenly like him? No. But on a team with no hope, he’s played hard and well.


1 thought on “Respect for T.O.”

  1. He caught a ball in the end zone, the refs said he didn’t catch it in bounds, the replay showed that he did, they checked it out…and they still didn’t give it to him.

    It’s pretty awesome what he’s doing considering the worst kept secret in the league is that Carson Palmer isn’t a top 20 QB…and if it weren’t for guys like Stafford and Romo being injured, he’s not even top 25.

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