Am I the only person underwhelmed by the Jets?

Here in New York, they’re being hyped as a Super Bowl favorite. I just don’t see it. Tomlinson has slowed considerably through the season, Sanchez is erratic and, most worrisome, the defense only gets to the opposing quarterback on all-out blitzes. The Jets lack a serious pass rusher, which is extremely bothersome when you think about playoff matchups with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Blitz those guys and pay the price.

I love what Rex Ryan has done, in that the Jets finally matter more than the Giants. They’re a very good team, but not quite great.

Not yet.

1 thought on “J-e-t-s?”

  1. They have looked really unimpressive (the Browns should have played for the tie instead of passing the ball from their own 5-yard line at the VERY end of OT…the Lions were dumb against them when they went for a pass play on 3rd & 6 when they should have ran it to waste the clock and then the late hit penalty on Tomlinson)

    But, even as a Pats fan, you REALLY have to hand it to a team that finds a way to win. Pats were like that during their early Super Bowls. The Jets’ receivers look impressive and I can’t believe that they pulled out that win against the Texans. Pretty unbelievable.
    My roommate, a Jets fan & season ticketholder said “God is a Jets fan” and I said “No, God just hates the Texans” (to lose like that the week after the Hail Mary? Way too cruel)

    We’ll see. There really is no frontrunner to win it all. Each team has a glaring flaw.
    The year Kurt Warner’s 8-8 Cardinals went to the Super Bowl, the Pats blew them out in the snow in New England 47-7 in week 16. Strange things happen. A play or 2 in the Super Bowl (mainly James Harrison not going 100 yards at the end of the half), the Cardinals win.

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