This is terrific

Willow Palin, Sarah’s 16-year-old daughter, responding to a critic of the family’s reality show:

The great Andrew Sullivan nails it with this post.

My favorite thing is how, no matter what the Palins say, their supporters follow. And follow. And follow. I voted for Obama and support Obama. But when he fucks up, I’m more than willing to call him on it.

Palin followers? Where’s the indignity?

Hell, where’s the dignity?

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  1. I’m a liberal Democrat and this is sad Jeff. I love how two men are going after a girl in high school? I’m fine with stuff on Sarah and Bristol their adults in the public eye, but you now resort to Karl Rove like tactics to attack your politic foes? One word for you= Pathetic

    1. adam, you misunderstand my intent. actually, maybe i misrepresented it myself. i don’t care what the 16-year-old does—i just find the mom’s reaction to be pathetic. but you’re right.

  2. Thanks Jeff for clearing up your point, and agree with on Sarah Palin and what she said about it, just don’t like it when kids are put in the fray. I was a douchebag at that age

  3. Maybe if Sarah Palin stopped parading her family around every chance she gets, they wouldn’t be considered fair game? I guess the media could choose to take the high road, but it doesn’t seem fair to me that she gets to parade her children on reality television and book signings, but then they are untouchable from the other direction. Bristol, in particular, has now forfeited any claim she could possibly make about wanting to live a private life.

    Think what you will about the Clintons, they did a tremendous job keeping Chelsea out of the spotlight until she was a grown woman and could make the choice to be a public figure on her own during her mother’s campaign.

  4. BRC; if Chelsea Clinton had grown up in the Facebook era, it likely wouldn’t have been as easy to keep her thoughts or word private.

  5. Brian – Do you think Chelsea Clinton would have been on the cover of “People” magazine? On “Dancin’ With the Stars”?

    I don’t.

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