NFL Hall of Fame Ballot

Here are the 26 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2011—with my take …

• Deion Sanders—As 100 percent as any player has ever been.

• Jerome Bettis—I think no. Always excellent, but all-time excellent? No.

• Marshall Faulk—The ultimate all-weapon tailback. It makes me feel old to see him on this list, because I vividly recall him as an up-and-comer at San Diego State.

• Curtis Martin—I loved Martin when he played for the Jets, and clearly he belongs. But was he more all-time great or consistently excellent? I vote for B.

• Terrell Davis—Too short of a career. No.

• Roger Craig—I’d probably vote yes. The guy was an all-around weapon and one of the three or four best running backs of his era.

• Cris Carter—Yes, because the numbers are there and he was great. But is he a Top 20 all-time wideout? No.

• Andre Reed—Really, really good, but not legendary. No.

• Tim Brown—Same as Reed.

• Shannon Sharpe—One of the three or four best tight ends ever. I vote yes.

• Willie Roaf—Definite yes. Dominant.

• Dermontti Dawson—Excellent, but not that excellent. No.

• Charles Haley—Yes, yes, yes. One million times, yes. Guy won five Super Bowls and rushed the passer as well as anyone.

• Chris Doleman—Nah. Just especially good.

• Kevin Greene—No shot.

• Cortez Kennedy—Nope, nope, nope.

• Richard Dent—The Sack Man was awfully good. But not good enough.

• Aeneas Williams—Doesn’t belong on this list.

• Lester Hayes–Wildly overrated.

• Ray Guy—Should have been voted in 10 years ago. A legendary leg.

• Commissioner Paul Tagliabue—Absolutely, 100 percent yes. A monumental figure.

• Art Modell—Ha, ha, ha … uh, no.

• Ed DeBartolo Jr.—Ha, ha, ha … uh, no-no.

• George Young—Absolutely. A brilliant GM who made the Giants a great franchise.

• Don Coryell—I would argue yes. Revolutionized offensive football.

• Ed Sabol—I love flicks as much as the next guy. So—sure. Why not?