Things you could get away with …

… if you’re Joe Montana or Dan Marino or, hell, even Ken O’Brien.

Derek Anderson—mmm … not so much.

Kind of reminds me of this …

6 thoughts on “Things you could get away with …”

  1. While Anderson needs to keep his cool, the reporter probably didn’t need to keep pushing him, particularly when he misrepresented what the camera saw (a smile, not laughing as the reporter claimed). I have a journalistic background and I usually side with the reporters in these situations, but Anderson had already answered the question (not shown in your clip above, but shown on local TV here) and had already said that what was said was private between teammates.

    At what point, should the reporter let it go? Its not an easy question. But if I were Anderson, I’d have gotten upset too with questions implying that he didn’t care about his team losing. If I’m the reporter and the game announcers had commented on the sideline smile, I’d want an answer. Should the reporter keep pressing the issue when its clear that Anderson is not going to tell him what the smile was for? I can’t answer that. However, with the misrepresentation about the cameras catching him laughing, I think I come down a little more on Anderson’s side in this situation.

  2. Perhaps he was smiling because he’s fortunate enough to make over 6 million dollars to participate in a leisure activity. Last time I checked, he’s not dealing with cholera outbreaks, roadside bombs, or pediatric AIDS. I’m glad he enjoys his job, even on a bad day at the office. Anderson should have been honest and said as much. I hope this angle isn’t overlooked on shows where sports writers yell at one another.

  3. the 49ers are who we thought they were and that’s why we took the bleep want to crown them..then crown them…and we let em off the hook.

  4. This guy seems like a douche here, and he’s a horrible quarterback to boot. If I were an Arizona fan, I’d be hoping my team didn’t win another game this year so maybe they could draft someone decent.

  5. Local news points out that this outburst was uncharacteristic for Anderson. Generally he is more laid back.
    He is also a hard worker.
    I’m beginning to wonder if the reporter was just an ass pushing buttons until he snapped.
    Also when I listened to the game the announcers seemed to want to tear the guy apart.
    Sure he’s not a great QB but that seemed to give them the right to criticize his demeanor on the sideline when they really had no idea what was said or going on.
    Who knows? Maybe he was real tight and his teammate said something to try and loosen him up.

  6. Just went to the Sporting News site on this story.
    The reporter, Kent Somers, was also Sporting News’ Cardinals correspondent.
    It is clear in the video that Somers accuses Anderson of laughing.
    He wasn’t laughing.
    The SN story alters the story a bit and says Somers asked him why he was smiling. Somers asked him if he was laughing, why not stick with what actually was said?

    “Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson shouted curses in a postgame tirade after he was repeatedly asked about smiling during the closing minutes of a blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers.”

    Read more:

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