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Thomas Friedman’s column from today’s Times is so on point, it’s downright depressing. I know many people who talk about how “proud” they are to be American, and in 2010 I just don’t see it. We’ve lost our exceptionalism; lost our spark; lost our willingness to take risks and go for broke and challenge ourselves.

We are fat and greedy and lazy and boring, and our political leaders are generally the same way. They are motivated by money and longevity and perks, not by making our nation great.

So depressing.

So right.

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  1. Jeff: this comes from an “writer” who spends half his life in a panera breads bitching and moaning and the other half chasing after the elusive bird finger guy. Come and join me in alabama; working ( and I’m glad to be employed ) my 40 hours for a better life of trying to raise 3 kids and maintain some sanity . America doesn’t suck ; just some of the ingrate in it do.
    thanks and Merry Christmas ; Oh I forgot that’s not in your beliefs.

    1. Yeah Roger, because I write in a coffee shop means my 15-hour work days (sans health insurance) count for nothing. and, unlike you, i’m a part-time stay-at-home father. so if i’m getting five hours of sleep a night, i’m lucky.

      i’m sure you work hard, but just because you love in alabama (and work about 20 hours a week less than i do) doesn’t make you a patriot.

  2. As to us (and politicians) being fat/lazy/etc, I generally agree with you, although there are always exceptions. But I think the more important question is “why”? We’ve pointed it out and identified it, but what is the reason for our laziness, and what is the solution? I do believe it is that we have lost the idea of “value”. We want what we don’t have. And we aren’t willing to work hard for it. I think there is a price to liberty, and often times it comes in the package of “entitlement”. Instead of hard working, humble, and compassionate we tend to be underachieving, arrogant, and indifferent. Again, this is the perception. There needs to be solutions, though. We can’t just be critical. I think the “why” has to do with a complete crumbling of the moral foundation of this country. The depravity of the human heart. If the heart can be changed, then I believe this great country can too.

  3. the mere fact that sarah palin has a soapbox like she does… shows the world how “exceptional” america still is.

    i was watching a documentary a while back, and they did a survey of women and asked (pre 9/11) them what they thought of a guy that said he was patriotic. i think 90% of the women (we are talking normal women, not like the hicks in alabama that marry their cousins) said they would totally not date a guy that said he was patriotic. post 9/11, things changed dramatically of course, with the republicans insisting if you werent patriotic you somehow worshipped the devil (or even worse, muhammad!)… but i guess times are FINALLY returning to normal.

    now if we can only stop singing fuckin god bless america at sporting events…

  4. Finally,Pearlman….the America Hating, New York Times quoting Liberal Elitist publishes how he truly feels…THEN MOVE TO SOCIALIST SPAIN FOR GOOD!!!!!
    Roger is right, you spend you time writing in Panera Bread about the hair on your neck or annoying teenagers (who are paying customers by the way) and you write NOTHING about solutions to America’s problems. You actually make it worse with your partisan bullsh!t. You write for SI, ESPN, CNN and are published by HarperCollins and you don’t have Health Insurance??? Who’s fault is that? YOURS…sounds like you are not a good negotiator. You have a forum to write about this but you waste it by posting pictures of people you went to high school with on articles unrelated.
    If these large media corporations won’t give you Health Insurance, use this blog to call them out on it. But stop bashing America and good hardworking Americans for YOUR problems.
    Go live in a Communist country…like your precious China and tell me how good the Health Care is over there you America Hater.

  5. Yes Pearlman, I am a real person and not a Republican Stereotype.
    By the way, Republicans are sports fans too and read sports books and articles to get AWAY from all the partisan media, so if I were you, I would stop using the word Republican as a pejorative.
    I will call out ANY liberal blogger who posts a piece with America Sucks in the photo.
    People died for your freedom to print that and you waste it away with your narcissistic, leftist, elitist blog about NOTHING!!!!

  6. Bobby, just a piece of advice. If you want to dialogue with someone, don’t come across so harshly. People are more willing to listen if you speak to them respectfully. Seriously, think about it.

  7. Bobby MUST be joking..does anyone really think like that anymore? If so..thank god I left the’s terrifying.

    Oh Jeff, by the way..Thomas Freidman is a hack. Check Matt Taiibi’s takedown of him online.

    1. And your fucking name is Bobby. How old are you, Bobby? 6?

      I like having you here, Bobby. But that’s some serious bullshit. Our friend Mohammad served in the US Navy for 12 years; was injured in Desert Storm. What the hell have you done?

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