I am angry

Mitch McConnell, the soon-to-be Republican Senate minority leader, said yesterday that his party will filibuster absolutely everything until an agreement can be reached on the expiring Bush tax cuts.

When McConnell says “agreement,” what he actually means is that the Democrats better damn well extend the entire package, including cuts for those making in excess of $250,000 per year (aka The Wealthiest Among Us).

I cry bullshit.

Just so I have this straight, you’re willing to basically shut down the government so the rich continue to receive tax cut? Really? It’s that important to you? At a time when our economy is flopping, and we need to somehow cut the deficit? Really?

Of course, it is that important to the GOP, because the wealthiest Americans also happen to be financing the Republican Party. Without them, there is no GOP. At least no functioning GOP.

So, if I’m the Democrats, here’s what I do: I call McConnell on it. “OK, Mitch. It’s very important the American people understand why their unemployment benefits have ceased—because you think the wealthy need a tax cut. I have that right, don’t I? Isn’t that your stance?”

Uh … uh …

“You’re shut down the government in the name of the wealthy. You talk a good game about reducing the deficit, then you have the chance and do jack.”

I’m tired. Like, sleepy tired. But also tired of this crap. Money rules both parties, and I often wish I didn’t care. Because it’s useless. And we’re helpless. The planet’s melting, and the politicians here do nothing. The economy’s taking, the politicians here do nothing. This nation has no vision; no capacity for advancement. We let the loudest dolts call too many of the shots, and worry more about He Says She Say bullshit than genuine issues.


3 thoughts on “I am angry”

  1. The sad thing is that Obama could make that argument just as coherently as you just did. But he chooses not to.

    Maybe it’s because he is weak, but I’m increasingly coming to believe that, at heart, Obama’s ideology is closer to Mitch McConnell’s than it is to yours and mine.

  2. My Dear Fellow American,

    While I respect your right to express your opinion and to use the free press to do so, I have a major disagreement with your choice of photograph next to mine.Who thinks I look like a teddy bear? I think the image below is a much better choice.


    Senate Minority Leader
    Mitch McConnell

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