Why Barack Obama drives me friggin’ crazy

From this story in today’s New York Times:

Mr. Obama tried to put a positive spin on the day’s developments, saying he did not think Mr. McConnell’s threat broke the spirit of bipartisanship that the president expressed after his meeting with Republican Congressional leaders on Tuesday.

“Nobody wants to see taxes on middle-class families go up starting Jan. 1, and so there’s going to be some lingering politics that have to work themselves out in all the caucuses, Democrat and Republican,” Mr. Obama said. “But at the end of the day, I think that people of good will can come together.”


This president is as tone deaf as our last one. Barack, people want to you take a stand. Stop being such a wuss; stop trying to join hands. They hate you. They hate what you stand for. They want you to fail, and they’ll shut down the government to do so.

Man up! Please!