Checkin’ out

Made the decision this morning that I’m going to stop being a Democrat and register independent.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of supporting a party afraid to stand up and do the right thing. The GOP establishment has become genuinely evil—only concerned about the wealthy; dismissive of global warming and the rights of workers; prejudiced beyond compare.

And the Democrats cower.

Sometimes—in politics, in life—one has to take a stand, whether or not that stand will produce tangible results. You have to roll up your sleeves, step to the mic and say—forcefully—”This is wrong, and whether or not my words change anything … this is wrong.” I have been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. It’s never going to happen.

For those people who said, “You’ll see” in regards to Obama—I’ve seen. He is a wimp, and it disgusts me. The comprisons to Jimmy Carter are GOP-generated, but they’re pretty accurate. He cowers and bends and tries and tries and tries to placate those who refuse to be placated. He is a genuinely bad president, and I wish like hell I’d supported Hillary Clinton (as my wife did). I will regret this for a long time, I fear.

Is it too late for Obama to turn things around? I fear yes. He may well get re-elected, but it’ll be by circumstance, not passion. He ran on ideas of hope and chance, and has stood for neither. We’re abounf to have tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans at a time when we can’t afford it. Obama said this would never happen—and it’s happening. As we speak.

I’m heartbroken.

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  1. If you had supported Hillary and she won the nomination, John McCain would be President today.
    Hillary had too much baggage and Americans wanted someone new. Hillary was the establishment candidate that Democrats were trying to push on the party..had name recognition and an inherited political operation…kind of like, believe it or not, George W. Bush. America didn’t want that again. Obama ran a great campaign but quickly found out the governing is much much tougher. Even though you are changing your voter registration to Independent, your still going to vote Democrat just like alot of my friends that changed from Republican to Independent after the 2008 election. Do you think as Independents they voted for Democrats in 2010???

    1. bobby, a surprisingly level response. you’re right–i’ll probably end up voting for obama again. but only in the absence of a better choice. i mean, am i really going to support mitt or palin or newt? i just couldn’t.

  2. I have been a registered independent most of my adult life, but I can’t bring myself to vote for any Republicans, so I vote for the Democrats by and large. I wish it were possible for some third party to become electable, but right now that seems unlikely.

    As for Obama, he needs to take a page from Aaron Sorkin. In the movie “The American President,” Michael Douglas’ president was getting battered by the right without responding and was seeking compromise rather than do the right things. Finally, he has an epiphany and stops compromising and begins pushing the right things to do and forcefully responds to the right wing attacks being inflicted on him. And, of course, the public loves him for it. Hopefully, Obama has that epiphany soon.

  3. I believe the correct terms are “non-partisan” or “decline to state”. Political parties with the name “indepedent” in their name are usually to the right of the tea party. If you want to be non-partisan, or wish not to identify with any political party, that’s certainly your choice. However, in states with closed primaries you are only allowed to vote for candidates running for non-partisan offices. So, if it doesn’t bother you to not be able to vote in all instances available to you, depending on your state, go for it. As an aside, any time I hear someone say “I’m an Indepedent…” I say to myself “bullshit”.

  4. The only problem I have with your post, Jeff, is the retroactive Hillary love.

    Lest we not forget, Hill’s husband made Jimmy Carter look like Conan. Welfare deform? NAFTA? Media consolidation? The Big Banks with a blank check? All under Bill’s watch. Hillary wasn’t ever a liberal herself, either.

    I’m disappointed in O, too, but Hill wouldn’t have been any better. We should’ve voted for Kucinich…well, except for the fact that he’s an uber-flake and all 🙂

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