LeBron James is sort of an asswipe

Throughout the whole LeBron-to-Miami thing I didn’t have a whole lot to say. But judging by his return to Cleveland last night, I’ve gotta agree the fella seems like a pretty huge asswipe.

If you’d asked me beforehand, I’d have guessed that James would have acted humble and contrite, especially to the teammates he left behind. To his credit, of late James seemed to understand the pain he caused, and was making an effort to repair a tarnished image.

So what happens? The guy talks nonstop shit throughout the game. I especially love the above video, which pretty much says it all. The man telling James to shit the $#@! up is, I think, assistant coach Jamahl Mosley. And I dig it. I also could appreciate Daniel Gibson’s day-after meeting with the media, which is truly a must-watch video. Gibson seems like a genuinely decent sort, and he was obviously offended by James’ bullshit. “We all know LeBron,” he said. “We all know he enjoys being in front of the camera. And talking. The things that were said probably couldn’t be repeated. The back and forth conversation. As far as feelings for him, we don’t have any feelings for him.”

For me, James did even more damage to his image last night than the initial goodbye TV show. He showed his true colors, even after trying to rehab an image shot to holes.

2 thoughts on “LeBron James is sort of an asswipe”

  1. Is it so shocking that Lebron is a jackass? Most, if not all, professional athletes are egomanical narcissists and it is our fault. Lebron has been getting paid to play since he was ten years old and being told he will one day be the G.O.A.T. when these self absorbed idiots turn out to be lass than upstanding characters the only suprise should be that some of them are nice guys…

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