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Phillip Daniels, the Redskins’ 37-year-old defensive lineman, spoke with the media today about Albert Haynesworth, his teammate/pathetic excuse for a professional. As many people here know, Haynesworth makes millions upon millions of dollars to play for Washington, yet always finds an excuse/reason not to perform. He’s hurt. He’s unhappy. He’s tired. The defense is wrong for him. I’ve never seen anyone like Haynesworth, in that he perfectly personaifies the lazy, selfish, greedy modern athlete.

Anyhow, today Daniels choked up when asked about his fat teammate. Here’s the AP report:

ASHBURN, Va.(AP) Phillip Daniels has some stern words for Albert Haynesworth.

The veteran defensive lineman choked up Monday morning when talking about the latest Haynesworth distraction in the Washington Redskins‘ disappointing season.

Haynesworth was inactive for Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants after an illness limited him at practice Friday.

Daniels says he hasn’t missed a practice all year at age 37, even though he’s been sick lately. He says Haynesworth hasn’t fully grasped the concept of team, and that Haynesworth could be the NFL player of the year if fully committed to football.

Daniels says he has been through 15 seasons and hasn’t won anything, so “if I can come out here and do this, don’t tell me that you can’t do it.”

Amen, Phillip. Amen. It’s about time players started calling this fool out.

PS: This is wonderful.