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Back in 2004, I was all about John Edwards. To me, he was the Democrat best suited to take on George W. Bush. Edwards was young, smart, energetic, compassionate and loaded with good ideas. He was my candidate, and I was thrilled when John Kerry selected him as his running mate.

Even in 2008, before I jumped on the Obama bandwagon, I was squarely in Edwards’ corner. The guy just seemed to be genuinely concerned with more than merely wealthy donors. I believed he would make an excellent president.

So much for my judgement.

As the world now knows (and many non-Jeff Pearlmans knew then), John Edwards is a fraud. A big, fat, full-of-himself fraud. He lied. He cheated. He left his cancer-stricken wife in the dust in order to chase tail. He is the worst kind of snake, and as much as I loathe political figures like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, and loathe Edwards 8 million times more.

I digress. Today the sad news came out that Elizabeth Edwards, John’s ex-wife, is in a dire condition The cancer that she’s battled so courageously is making a strong move, and—according to reports—she has a couple of weeks left. “The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered,” Edwards wrote on her Facebook page. “We know that. And yes, there are certainly times when we aren’t able to muster as much strength and patience as we would like. It’s called being human. But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.”

I don’t know Elizabeth Edwards. When all the news came out about her cheating husband, there were follow-up reports that she was a tough, nasty woman. Personally, I could give a rat’s ass. This tough, nasty woman was dying of cancer. She was inspiring women with her courage, and all the while her spouse was stabbing her with 1,000 knives. She deserves respect and peace and good wishes, and I hurt for her.

God bless.

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  1. Yeah, he’s definitely scum.
    The funny thing is, in the book GAME CHANGE, how awful Elizabeth Edwards sounds behind-the-scenes and how much John seemed to shrink around her.
    The damning quote Elizabeth said, if the allegations about her husband were true, was something like “if true, then I’m married to a monster.”

    The tough thing for them both is that they both lost a 16-year old son in a car crash. That makes things a LOT more complicated for the dynamics between the two. That would END most marriages maybe. But the fact that she had cancer really should have made him come to terms with her. A shame that he used her.

    I think Aaron Sorkin (West Wing; Social Network; Charlie Wilson’s War) is working on a screenplay/movie on John Edwards right now. He WAS something to look forward to because of his fight for the underclass. So it sucks that we lost that voice really because it is SORELY lacking right now (ditto for Eliot Spitzer’s douche move). Definitely a flawed and complex dude that would be worthy of a movie. He really was destined to be President of Vice President if he could have just stepped on his own dick and ego.

  2. I feel somewhat differently. I feel deeply for her family and her children and of course I wish her only the very best as she nears the end. But I also believe the Edwards family to be the epitome of what is wrong with American politics. Their ability to act and speak one way in public and another behind the scenes is, frankly, chilling. If the reporting about the two of them is to be believed – http://nymag.com/news/politics/63045/ – then there is nothing at all to celebrate about this couple, even before John’s adultery. Over the next weeks, we’ll hear about how she was a victim and how she showed such courage – and when it came to her husband’s adultery, that is all true – but let’s not celebrate someone who portrayed herself as what is best in us when in reality represented what is worst.

  3. I wish her comfort and strength in her last days. This morning, they broke out clips of her interview on the Today show following revelations of her husband’s affair. At the time of the interview, his career was already over. She was no longer the wife of a relevant public figure. There was really no practical reason for her to be there beyond a personal desire to share intimate details of her private life.

    Perhaps I’m jaded, but I think we ran her through the interview circuit because, in a sick, self serving way, we need John Edwards. Looking within and confronting our own shortcomings and failures is far more difficult than holding up the monster that cheated on his terminally ill wife and shouting, “SHAME!”

  4. Dg

    But I also believe the Edwards family to be the epitome of what is wrong with American politics.

    I hope you are not saying that because they happen to be democrats. If not I do agree that a lot of politicians act differently when they are out of the public eye. The problem is how to now when they are actually scum bags.

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