Amen: II

Was told about this image of Albert Haynesworth by a poster. Huge appreciation—the video says it all. An absolutely pathetic “professional” athlete.

Absolutely pathetic.

3 thoughts on “Amen: II”

  1. Right after that game against the Eagles, an epic meltdown by some radio host happened.

    My friends and I are thankful for this radio clip this holiday season because it is so quotable.
    I cannot watch a football game (or any sport for that matter) without saying “HAND IN YOUR KEYCARD!” or “GET ‘EM!”
    It’s worth it for the 14 minute clip, to him going so far as to quote Ben Affleck’s THE TOWN, etc.

    So glad I’m not a Redskins fan. Totally agree with Deadspin’s Drew Magary that Dan Snyder is the worst owner in football by a mile–jamboroo-week-5

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