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… is on Belmont University firing its women’s soccer coach because she’s gay—then trying to cower and cover the whole thing up.

What a pathetic act by a pathetic lot, and if life is just … well, a lot of people should be either disciplined or fired over this one. Starting with the university’s president.

Personally, I love are the so-called moral and so immoral. These hypocrites who cite Jesus and the Bible while going out of their way to damn gays to an eternity in hell—based on some passages from a book. If these guys were being open and honest, they’d admit that either:

A. They have pent-up homoerotic feelings that burn deep within side.

B. They are disgusted by the idea of men having sex with men, and need to vent.

C. They’re simply dumb.

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  1. Jeff, I really enjoy your writing, and am personally sympathetic to the coach’s cause. However, your theological commentary seems like a bit of a reach. Is it possible that you’re dabbling in matters that require more careful and sustained consideration than you’ve given?

  2. Oh Jeff, preaching about tolerance, but showing none for others. Didn’t South Park make an episode about liberals like you? Tolerance does not mean acceptance. Learn that Jeff. You are basically tolerate as long as everyone thinks like you. Which is a scary way to think.

    And please never call yourself a journalist again. It’s insulting to actual journalists. You are a commentator who offers opinion. A blogger. Journalists have to be open minded and not be biased. You clearly are not a journalist since you are biased and offer opinions instead of reporting any facts in an impartial way. No Jeff, being a liberal does not make you a journalist.

    Sure these people have hate. But you have hate. You hate anyone that disagrees with your narrow world view. You are just not honest about it and still try to arrogantly claim some moral superiority over people who have differing opinions than you. So sad. Not tolerate.

    If they are closets cases, than so are you considering how much you obsess over homosexuality. It’s a constant thing with you. Just come out and stop the nonsense. You wouldn’t be the first married man to come out.

    “They’re simply dumb.”

    And you’re 6 years old with that insult.

  3. Mlaura,

    I’m not sure your methods are particularly helpful to your party.

    There is too much of this kind of rhetoric and it limits the conversation. Ultimately, there is probably no reconciliation between these worldviews, but there is a better option than the present conversation.

  4. Jeff I’m glad you’re happy (gay).

    I don’t think much of anyone who says being gay is somehow a worse sin than any other.
    Sin is sin. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

    On this issue though I can’t agree with you.
    Belmont is a private University.
    As such they have the right to lay their ground rules.
    Coach took the job knowing the rules.
    Coach loses her job because she broke the rules.

    Sorry I just can’t agree with you on this one.
    If this was an issue of overzealous people infringing on public University you would have a good point.

    Also I keep telling you this.
    Homophobia has nothing to do with religion.
    China is not a Christian nation:

  5. jeff,
    i’m a little bit with mlaura on this one but not in so many words. are you not throwing stones with your commentary? why the closed mind about being open-minded? we all know everybody is hypocritical to an extent. or are you the ONE immune to it? maybe nike should erect a mural of you in downtown cleveland as the new chosen ONE?

  6. Jeff,
    I love your articles on, and I agree with you 99% on this issue. I think mlaura is guilty of the same thing she accuses you of being guilty of that you accuse Belmont of being guilty of (wow this is like Inception in here.) Nonetheless, I think in your noble goal of pointing out how wrong Belmont was, you also mentioned how wrong the bible was. In doing so, you risk losing your larger point of how stupid and frankly un-Christian it is for Belmont to act in this way. I can’t get into any kind of scholarly analysis here, but I would like to point out that it is perfectly possible to believe the bible and to not be homophobic, in certain interpretations even to celebrate it. I agree that it can be frustrating to talk to “fundies” who insist on taking the king james word-for-word (which is also one of the the worst modern interpretations, and thats not the way the bibles meant to be read anyhow), but to dismiss the basis of an entire religion can also be seen as sort of incendiary and not totally productive in the conversation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention though, I really enjoy your articles and can’t wait for updates on the belmont situation. I pray that Belmont will see the egregious error of their ways and bring Coach Howe back.

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