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I’ve been exchanging e-mails with a pastor who believes the Belmont soccer coach deserved to be canned. I just sent him this e-mail—it speaks to my views 100 percent, so I decided to run it …


There is nothing wrong with being gay. Nothing. I don’t care what the Bible says. I don’t care what priests say or pastors say. Some of the most loving, most decent, most compassionate, most moral people I know are gays. Some of the best parents I know are gay. In this case, the Bible is just wrong, and the fact that this text has allowed people (like yourself) to deem people immoral and sinful based on their sexual identity is unforgivable. You, and your ilk, are largely responsible for the sheer unhappiness of hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian Americans who feel as if they must hide their identities. Make no mistake—THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Do you know the suicide rate among gay teens? It’s staggering. Not because they’re immoral, I assure you, but because they have been told they’re immoral—over and over and over again. Just what about gays make them immoral? Anal sex? A woman going down on another woman? What? Quite frankly, if my kids tell me one day they’re gay, I’ll be as happy as if they were straight. I don’t care—my concern is that they live happy, healthy, charitable, decent lives. Whether they love men or women matters not—just as long as they love, and are loved. But that’s not good enough for you. You read in a book that gays are sinful, and therefore they are. A respected college coach  tells her team that her partner is expecting a child (a child they’re planning on raising as a family), and you believe the right thing to do is fire her? Would Jesus Christ support you on this? Would he really? No. No way, Sir. You’ve done a lot of lecturing these past few e-mails. I’d suggest some genuine introspection. Instead of solely relying on a book, rely on judgment. Speak with gay parents. See how they’re raising their children. See how they live. And love. If you still consider their lives to be immoral, well, there’s no helping you, I fear.

As you’d say, God bless … Jeff

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  1. why the picking and choosing of what passages in the bible are to be followed with such strict obedience? Should this pastor therefore be fired from his job because he is going against the passage of the bible which states to treat others as you would want to be treated? Is this golden rule not meant to be followed, but the part about men lying with other men is? I’m not a religious man, but I’m sure I’ve heard something about judging others, not casting the first stone etc. This pastor and other gaybashers must have been enlightened as to what parts of the bible were the really important ones.

  2. What is it with people judging others based solely on what they do behind closed doors?

    Please ask this pastor how old he was when he decided he liked women and not men. I posed this question to my uber-Catholic mother-in-law. I then asked her what happens when the day comes when science proves homosexuality is biological and not a choice.

    Jeff … you probably heard the crickets all the way on the other coast. Keep up the great work!

  3. It is not just picking and choosing from Bible passages, it is also misinterpreting Bible passages. The Bible does not generally condemn homosexuality, rather it condemns homosexuality in certain places. However, these passages have been misinterpreted in certain Bible translations to condemn homosexuality generally. For a scholarly discussion of this, see this website:


  4. The Bible, like statistics, can be manufactured to prove just about anything.

    I know this comes up every time this or similar issues come up, but there are plenty of christian churches that embrace and welcome so-called ‘sinners’. It is a shame that those that do not are the ones that (a) get all the press; and (b) reinforce the negative stereotype that is christianity.

    Also- the saddest thing to me about it is that you ask the pastor to reply on judgment and not based on the book. Alas, so many of this ilk wrap their arms around this book and do not attempt to truly learn from it and challenge themselves with it. They’ve got their set of beliefs and that is how it is. Anything else is wrong and to question it would be weakness. So I predict that this pastor will not reply on judgment, as that would be showing doubt and the last thing they want to be perceived as is weak or doubtful.

  5. Jeff nails it when he asks if Jesus would support the pastor. I grew up in a Christian family and I am embarrassed by some of the things I used to believe, but the things Jesus said hold up. It’s a shame his teaching have been hijacked by some Christians that Jesus certainly would never support.

  6. thing is, homosexuality isnt even abhorred in the bible the way christians today believe. its original translation makes no mention of homosexuality. its just the latter translations (and personal opinion im sure) changed the meanings of some words so that it just seems like god hates gays.

    then again, if god hates gays so much, why does he keep making them!? what kind of queer ass god does this?

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