The funeral

My friend Tara Finnegan-Coates begged me to blog about those wacky folk from Westboro Baptist Church threatening to picket the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards.

Westboro, if you’ve forgotten, is the “church” that holds up signs reading GOD HATES FAGS and the like. They show up at a lot of military funerals, and depend on the media outrage to help their cause go Broadway.

So here’s what I think …




Years ago, when I was a student at Delaware, the KKK was planning to march down Main Street in Newark, Del. Greg Orlando, our college newspaper’s star columnist at the time, wrote a piece about the event. Instead of teeing off, however, he invited everyone to his dorm from Cheese Doodles for the duration of the rally. His message was simple: Pay them no mind, they vanish.

Same here. Pay them no mind. Ignore them. It’s old news—so no TV cameras, no reporters. Attendees at the funeral shouldn’t yell or scream at them; shouldn’t even glance their way. That’s exactly what they want. Attention. Spotlight. Anger.

Suffocate them with nothingness.

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  1. Jeff :
    another letter from that nut case in alabama : thank God, we finally argee with something : these sob’s need to be stopped from protesting outside of miltary funerals along with Ms. Edwards. Their right to free speech is like yelling fire in a movie theater. Enough is enough : stop the maddness

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