The most incredible song ever

I go in waves, musically, as do most people. Was huge into Blind Melon a while back (Still love them. Just no longer obsessed). Had a good run with the Dixie Chicks, too. In college, I went a spell where all I could hear was A Tribe Called Quest. So on and so on.

Lately, for me, it’s been a song—Simon & Garfunkel’s America.

I’m not sure when it first hit me that this was the absolutely perfect song, but it is. Beautiful singing. Subtle melodies. Best of all—the words. Haunting. Deep-yet-seemingly-surface. I know I’m hardly covering new territory here; that America first came out in the 1968 and it’s been heard a gazillion times. I guess what I love most about the tune is that, for so many, the feelings are universal. Those moments when you’re young and raw and taking on new travels and adventues and all.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got to say—except that the David Bowie version after 9/11 was also amazing …