Ban him

Not sure how many of you saw the above video, but watch it.

The man along the Jets sideline is Sal Alosi, the team’s head strength and conditioning coach. The guy he is blatantly tripping is Nolan Carroll, a Dolphins special teamer.

The NFL likes to discipline stupid things like uniform violations, so here’s a blavk-and-white one. Alosi must be banned from New York’s sideline for the remainder of the year. No more games. Even if the team makes the playoffs. None. Zero. What a pathetic, childish act by a guy not even wearing a uniform.


5 thoughts on “Ban him”

  1. Saw it last night. Reminds me of the over-zealous / out-of-control parents on their kids’ sidelines who can’t control themselves and probably wish they were on the field. What a total loser.

  2. If the tight asses in the NFL is going to fine or suspend players for touchdown dances and other harmless bits of entertainment, if they’re willing to suspend Ben Rothelsberger who was never even officially charged with a crime, they have to absolutely ban this bozo from the sidelines.

  3. Not quite Woody Hayes bad, but real stupid.
    Ohio State fired Hayes.

    I remember another coach that actually tackled a runner once, in the field of play.

  4. A high-school friend of my husband’s was a player at UM-Rolla, and tackled a guy running for a touchdown from the sidelines. He got all kinds of trouble, of course, but it’s a great story.

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