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… is about Sal Alosi, the Jets strength coach who tripped a Miami Dolphin.

Let it be said: I don’t like calling for people to be fired. And, on a personal level, I hope Alosi is not fired. However, I do believe this to be a pretty obvious ground for dismissal. I received an angry e-mail from a reader who said, “Hey, nobody was hurt and there was no real intent.” While Nolan Carroll was, indeed, unharmed, he very easily could have suffered majorly.

Also, I love how people in sports are always credited for “manning up” when they apologize after being caught. Let’s say nobody noticed Alosi sticking his knee out, and the whole thing just vanished. Would be be apologizing, or would he be doing the same thing next week against Pittsburgh?

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  1. Jeff, I read your piece in on this subject as well, and couldn’t agree with you more.

    There’s no place in organized sports for poor sportsmanship. It’s nice that he provided a formulaic apology. It should have been followed by, “Thank you for the apology, Sal, you’re fired” from the Jets organization. (I’ve never been a Jets fan, but since their classless response to this equally classless act, I’ll now root against them at every opportunity. I can only wish them the worst of luck in all their endeavors.)

    These people remind me of our political ruling class. They seem to do whatever they want…until they get caught. Then they “Didn’t know” and/or apologize profusely (because they got caught and fear not being re-elected). It’s too bad that the very people (politicians and sports figures) our youth are encouraged to respect and emulate provide no basis for that respect.

    Woody Hayes(a much more noteworthy coach than Sal Alosi), would have been fired, had he not resigned, after he pulled a similar stunt while at Ohio State.

    Word to the Chicago Bears organization: If I find out that you ever even consider hiring this jerk, I’ll burn my Urlacher jersey and never watch another game.

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