Why Celebrity Interviews Suck: 101

So I’m doing some rather mindless book work of late, which allows me to play a familiar movie as background noise on the ol’ laptop. It was Shawshank a few days ago, then When Harry Met Sally tonight. I really enjoy When Harry Met Sally, and as it ended I started thinking about Meg Ryan’s gradual disappearance from cinema. Did a Wikipedia search, followed by a YouTube search. Came across the above video.

I don’t know who the interviewer is, but if you’ve ever been given 10 minutes with a celebrity you’ll listen to this and cringe. It boasts every single element of why talking with famous people in controlled settings in advance of soon-to-be-released projects blows:

1. Inane banter that the celebrity engages in only to be nice (“You girls just seemed to have so much fun!”).

2. The celebrity trying to explain why she took on a role—even though the movie sucks and she did it for the money.

3. The celebity knowing she has to elaborate, and doing so even when there’s nothing to elaborate on.

4. The sound of the minutes ticking off like days.

5. A decrease in the IQs of both participants.