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All along, members of the Republican Party have insisted they would allow gays to serve openly in the military when the time was right.

It was easy to say, because the time never seemed right. Most Americans opposed killing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Most military leaders opposed killing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Most soldiers opposed killing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Yet here we are, toward the end of 2010, and those obstacles no longer exist. The nation has come around, and polls show the majority of citizens, military leaders and soldiers are fine with openly gay soldiers partaking in military life. It is, by all polls, a non-issue. Let gays serve openly, people say, because by joining the military and defending our nation they deserve—at the very least—that dignity.

Today, the House voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

235 Democrats voted yes, 15 Democrats voted no.

15 Republicans voted yes, 160 Republicans voted no.

What does that tell us about the GOP?

A helluva lot.