If you watch one thing today …

… make it this clip from Jon Stewart. This isn’t a Democratic issue or Republican issue—wait, scratch that. It actually is a Republican issue, in that they continue to refuse to vote on this measure.

The shamefulness of it is remarkable. Yes, Republicans can point out 100 shameful things Democrats have done/continue to do. But what compares to this? And what American—of any political affiliation—can watch this and feel proud of the way our so-called leaders are handling this?

The Republicans have used 9.11 as a tool for more than nine years now. They used it to reduce our rights. They used it to go to Iraq and begin and unnecessary war. They used it to scare our citizens, and they used it to justify anti-Muslim bigotry.

Well, I hope that usage is over. The Republicans are shameful here. Just shameful.

Watch this video, and see what genuine heroes look like …

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9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster
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3 thoughts on “If you watch one thing today …”

  1. You should also post the video from the first segment of last night’s show, where Stewart lets the snark facade down a bit and really rips the politicians and the TV networks on this issue. For that matter, the interview segment with Mike Huckaby was largely about this issue too.

  2. “Same idoit from alabama trying to make a living ” I work for EMS and my weekends is christmas eve thru monday : tell that Represenatative, we can’t take care of him because of the birth of christ and just see what the response would be.
    merry christmas

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