Pathetic, twice

First, does Robin Roberts have any real questions to ask? How about a follow up? Maybe (gasp!) two?

Second, Palin is as dumb as ever.

Why does she matter? Why?

PS: As someone who’s been in the media for a long time, lemme explain how this works. The press treats a subject relatively fairly, and the subject fails miserably. Then the subjects blames her failures on the press and screams, at the top of her voice, “The media is biased! The media is biased!” The media says, “We’ll show her we’re not biased!” then sends Robin Roberts to conduct a brainless sitdown blowjob. Terrible.

1 thought on “Pathetic, twice”

  1. i wish one of these reporters… just ONCE would ask these idiot repubs HOW MANY JOBS were created with these tax cuts? guess what pols, when the rich get tax cuts, they dont create jobs with it… they reinvest it so that THEY make more money. why is the economy not recovering as fast as these dolts want it to? because people got laid off, and companies realized so many redundancies that they actually becamse EFFICIENT without these extra workers.

    the sad reality is that the world is overpopulated. there arent enough jobs for the amount of people in this world. thank god for people like palin though, who sacrifice their elected offices and quit when its not as profitable as going on fox news, so that someone else can be employed as alaska governor. bravo sister sarah! youve helped bring exceptionalism back to the good ol US of A!

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