Athletes as motivational speakers …

Just became Karl Mecklenburg’s friend on Facebook, which led me to the above video.

I have no reason to believe Karl isn’t the world’s nicest man and the world’s best speaker, but—having covering this stuff for a long time—the last person I want telling me how to succeed in life is a professional athlete.

Despite what these guys might say, sports is horrible training for the real world. In sports, you follow orders. In the real world, you think for yourself. In sports, you’re coddled. In the real world, you’re ignored. In sports, you’re surrounded by the best of the best at your profession. In the real world, you’re working alongside Mel, the nose-picking slug. There is absolutely no comparison to professional athletics and life, and any ex-jock who says otherwise is only trying to make a buck or prolong the glory.

Truth is, the best people to tell us how to succeed are people who have flourished as doctors and taxi drivers and plumbers and DJs.

The real world.

3 thoughts on “Athletes as motivational speakers …”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I can’t understand why you write about sports, Jeff. Your hatred of 95% of professional athletes is transparent. Why do you cover something that so annoys you? Why not write about a topic you don’t have unmitigated hatred for?

  2. Jeff’s attitude is exactly why I’m glad he writes about sports. I don’t want to read stories from an author who is a fan of the people of professions he covers. Why would I have any reason to believe I’m getting the truth? I think it’s a lot easier to be a skeptic and acknowledge the good than it is to be a cheerleader and admit the flaws.

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