Sweet Hell Alabama

So as I go through the pages of my next book, making corrections and changes, I like to go to Netflix.com and have a familiar movie playing as backdrop. Thus far, I’ve gone with Shawshank, When Harry Met Sally and Doc Hollywood.

Tonight, apparently thinking of not thinking, I selected Sweet Home Alabama.

If memory serves, I initially saw Sweet Home Alabama in a Phoenix movie theatre back in 2002. I don’t remember hating it, and through the years I’ve caught little snippets here and there om cable. Has never offended me.

Well, after my most recent viewing, my review can be narrowed to one word: Sucks.

Seriously, seriously, seriously sucks. I know Reese Witherspoon is one of 100 America’s sweethearts and blah blah blah, but, man, she is a b-a-d actress. Of all the accents to master, none should come easier than Southern. It’s a very basic twang, and even I can do it. Here, however, Witherspoon (a New Orleans native!) mangles the damn thing over and over and over again.

Throw in 800 hick jokes, a wooden Patrick Dempsey, a tired southern-girl-forgets-her-roots-but-is-reminded-of-them saga and the lamest it’s-ok-to-be-gay public service announcement ever and, well, yeah. Baaaad flick.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Hell Alabama”

  1. Oh man, and somehow I’ve seen the alternate ending on the DVD (it was a long time ago, and she was cute). I’ll spare everyone the details, but if the movie had been released with that ending, we might be talking Worst Movie Ever.

  2. Keith Ryan Cartwright

    She may have been born in New Orleans and raised in Nashville, but she left behind all that is Southern a long, long time ago.

    Ironically, there’s a part of Reese that’s a lot like the character, which makes it all the more sad that she missed the one mark she should have nailed.

    A few years ago I saw her out in Nashville — she must have been visiting her mama — and I had to laugh at the fact that she put on quite a show and did a fine job “acting” important. In fact, sadly, it was one of her finer performances.

    By the way, “it’s a very basic twang, and even I can do it,” I doubt it. Hahaha.

  3. I must disagree with 2/3rds of your current post. I do agree the movie stinks, but the southern accent is not the same across the entire south. Just look in North Carolina where I’m from, people from the West do not talk like people who live in the East. And it’s not not easy to pick up on because the southern accent is the most mangled in the HISTORY of movies. The only accent they also in the running is the Boston accent. I also must say must, Reese Witherspoon is bad here, but she was great in movies like Election, Walk the Line, Pleasantville, and Freeway. Sorry for the rant and hope in anyway this gives you some perspective from a man of the South

  4. Lighten up, Jeff. It’s just harmless fluff. I know you’re under pressure with the book and all, but it’s just a silly rom-com similar to the ones that Jennifer Aniston turns out every six months or so.

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