When someone digs your book …

… it’s a truly great feeling.

From today’s Globe & Mail holiday book guide:

6. The Rocket That Fell to Earth: Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality

Jeff Pearlman has come up with a pretty good formula for writing about contemporary sports legends who would prefer not to have their less compelling sides written about: Interview everyone who could possibly know anything meaningful about the subject and collect as many anecdotes not previously known as possible and fit them in a working narrative. His Barry Bonds book: Love Me, Hate Me, the Making of an American Anti-hero is equally as good as this biography of Clemens, but I prefer this one because the Bonds book kind of proves what you already know: Bonds is a jerk. Clemens comes across as a bit of a moron, but Pearlman manages to finds a way to soften the edges, in particular his treatment of his youth growing up in Ohio and the ache he feels for his fallen brother is a pretty convincing explanation for Clemens’ flaws. The chapters of the Blue Jays years are also full of interesting insights which we’ll doubtless be hearing about more in court soon enough.

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