Dell sucks

About a year ago the wife starting complaining loudly about Dell, and how the company’s customer service sucks. One of her biggest gripes was that, when you call about something, you’re connected to a guy in India, often with a thick accent.

Being a Mac guy, I never encountered such problems. Today, however, I needed to track down a Dell employee in the company’s Round Rock, Texas headquarters. I did a Google search, found the main number, called—recording. Called another number—recording. A third number—recording. Tried the first number again, got hooked up with a guy in India. I told him I needed to be connected to Austin, he said he couldn’t help me.

All in all, I placed eight or nine calls.

This video was my last attempt.

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  1. John Dowling, Mahopac!

    Jeff, I’m surprised you don’t know this. Dell is not an individual customer driven company. They make their money through business contracts and ignore the average household user (HSBC ring a bell?). If you order a Dell, you should expect no customer service and an average laptop/desktop. This pales in comparison to Apple, that offers great warranties on their products (that apparently fail a lot) and are often replaced. Pick your poison. In the future, continuously press 0 or ask for representative/agent at a prompt. Never talk to an agent.

  2. I agree had the same experience with them a few years ago will never buy from them again. Same thing I went through guy in India. Went apple after that and never went back.

  3. had similar prob with american airlines. i live in manhattan… they couldnt get me in touch with the aa terminal at laguardia so i could speak with someone there that would probably be standing next to my once-lost luggage. instead, i kept having to try to convince indians that its much more efficient to talk to someone that is thirty iles away from me and standing next to my bag than someone in india which is what… thousands of miles away from me? they didnt seem to even understand that.

  4. As a ‘kool-aid drinkin’, ‘om chanting’, pilgrimage to Cupertino follower of the cult of Apple…I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. The most unfortunate issue that Dell/HP/Sony et al..seem to not get is the need to develop a facet of their companies that could create a more level playing field. Instead, they create a product similar in looks to a two generation older Mac and rely on the cast from outsourced to guide you through the prompts – the worst of which is the ‘push button then state the issue’, which is immediately followed by the 13min hold…only to be broken by a ‘live operator’ who invariably asks you to repeat for the 4th time and then apologizes while you go on hold so the manager can be notified. Dell & the PC frame/model of business is like the coelacanth.

  5. John Dowling’s comment above says it all. Their customer service is better for business customers. Their average household user does not get good service at all. They have been investigated for knowingly making bad computers as well. See link. I do not recommend them because of this. I also have had bad customer service from them as well.

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