I am proud of my country

I haven’t been proud of America in quite a while.

I know that sounds terrible, and any politician who’d dare utter such words would be slayed as a traitorous socialist wad of crud. But it’s true—I haven’t been. We’ve become inexplicably greedy and socially reprehensible. We demonize the poor, ignore the sick, call ourselves the best and the greatest even as other nations pass us by. All of our goods are made in China, we do crap about the environment and our leaders—both parties—seem primarily concerned with job security, not national security. We’ve behaved as fat, wallowing pigs, and it’s  disturbing.

Today, however, I am proud.

When Barack Obama signed the bill ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, he took a bold, powerful, important step toward social righteousness. I know very people people—Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal—who believed DADT was right. If you have a functioning brain and a genuine heart, you don’t support the idea of having your fighting men and women having to hide their identities. If soldiers are uncomfortable serving alongside gay men and women, it’s their problem, and something they must change (not vice versa). I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, communist, socialist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic—if you’re strapping on a gun and serving on the front lines of Iraq or Afghanistan, you have earned the right to be yourself. Period.

That’s America. We might not make the most stuff. We might have lost our innovate edge. Our leaders may well be crazy; our ideals often warped.

But this is the land of the free and the brave, and that has been reinforced.

God bless America.

PS: On a side note, Barack Obama is on a crazy roll—one I certainly didn’t see coming. DADT, Start, the 9/11 Health Bill, the financial deal (one I don’t agree with—but a legislative accomplishment nonetheless). Also, give some of the Repubs credit. They have crossed the line a bit.

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  1. “On a side note, Barack Obama is on a crazy roll—one I certainly didn’t see coming.”

    See, sometimes you need to take a step back and let things play out, and not treat every slight political loss as a complete disaster. Three weeks ago you were ready to throw Obama off a bridge, and now you praise him.

  2. I had to hesitate, tempted as I was, to write Obama off. There were (and are) many reasons, but I think to do so would be ignoring the message he sent when he was campaigning: this is going to take time, it isn’t going to be easy, I’m going to make mistakes, etc.

    I think I was worried when Paul left, because it felt as if Obama needed some better PR management.

    Well, maybe this shouldn’t be about that, and maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to expect results, and even though he’s made some mistakes, and had a rough go of it, he hasn’t done anything that bad.

    So long as he doesn’t have a Lewinsky to derail him, I am gonna keep the faith for now, and like you said, the past few weeks have been good.

    I think Dems (I identify as such) have as much, if not more trouble, compromising. And I know that liberals have so much room to grow, that to consistently concern ourselves with the growth that the conservative supporters need to do is not in our best interest.

    I’m happy to see your post Jeff. I often fail to see the good side, so it is nice when someone else does and helps remind me.

  3. Bobby
    There isn’t some pot that holds a certain amount of rights in it.
    It is possible to have more and more rights without subtracting from the pot.

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