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Savius Clervoyant

Was reading the Palm Beach Post a few minutes ago.

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon, a man named Savius Clervoyant pulled over on the shoulder of I-95 to change a flat tire. His wife, Iverta, was in the car. As he kneeled, a Ford F-350 came along and slammed into him.

Clervoyant was 59.

Life is so incredibly unpredictable. You think everything is great, it’s not. You think everything is terrible, it’s great. You’re looking forward to Christmas Eve, your car gets a flat. You do what you’ve done before—get out to fix it.

You no longer exist.

Think about his wife. Think about Celestino Japngie, the 65-year-old driver of the vehicle that killed him.

I never heard of Savius Clervoyant until today. When I Googled him, I found this story from five years back. He was a Haitian immigrant. He was the father of three girls. He suffered from sickle cell anemia.

And, like that, he is gone.

So sad.